Death Ray Manta SE Gets a Firm Release Date of September-ish

Remember way back at the PlayStation 4 launch when Sony teased DRM with Rob Fearon’s Death Ray Manta?  Well, things take longer than planned some days and the PS4 version of the game is still in development, but the original is just sitting there.  It’s no secret that developer Rob Fearon was never too happy with the way Death Ray Manta turned out so, with the shiny sequel taking its own sweet development time, why not brush off and polish up the now-freeware prequel.

Current plans for release, per the Future of Videogames blog, are for the game to show up on Steam in September.  The price is as fixed as the release date, being “very affordable”, which probably means it’ll end up the price of a soda or two.  Most sodas don’t come with this many hyper-colorful explosions, unless it’s done something truly, terribly wrong to your digestive system, so that should be a net win overall.  To sweeten the deal, DRM’s art and sound assets (barring music) come fully open, ready for anyone to use in any way they see fit.  Want to make Death Ray Manta remix, or just borrow some art for your own game?  Have fun with it and monetize it in any way you’d like with no obligations outside the initial game purchase.  Whether you want to crack the game open and build your own version or just tool around with a laser-fish making neon explosions everywhere, though, DRM will be showing up soon-ish for cheap-ish, which is a deal that will be an unspecified amount of difficulty to resist.