Gotcha Racing Crosses the Finish Line Next Week

While it lacks the amount of pie and lasagna found in Garfield Kart, racing fans can look forward to Gotcha Racing coming out next week on the Nintendo 3DS. This game by Natsume combines top-down racing, drifting and collecting all in one to attract casual racers and super speedsters alike.

You can earn different pieces to modify your car to create the ultimate racing machine via capsules. Then race through six different tracks as well as the Grand Prix mode. During the game you can unlock even more capsule pieces and try to collect them all. Gotcha Racing even utilizes both the top and bottom screens of the 3DS to allow seamless transitions along each track. There’s also multiplayer options by using the Nintendo StreetPass.

Gotcha Racing arrives on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on August 27. Check out some screenshots below and don’t miss out on the high-speed action.