Half-Line: A Mashup Of Two Great Games

A young developer named Thomas Kole has created a mashup game of two of his favorite franchises, and it’s awesome. The game is called Half-Line, and it is a combination of Hotline Miami 2’s crazy top-down arcade style shooting, and the world of Half Life 2, which means gravity gun. Kole has started working on Half-Line as an experiment in game design, and has decided to give the game away for free.

The game itself comes with 8 levels based on Half Life 2, a unique soundtrack by a musician called SUNG, and even a level creator. Players can post the levels they create here on Reddit, and download them to play. Kole has made it extremely easy to share the game and newly crafted levels, and that means that even computer novices will be able to enjoy the entirety of this game.

With the release of his game, he also showed of some screenshots and even a trailer that he posted to YouTube. Check them out here:

HalfLine Scrnsht 1

HalfLine Scrnsht 3

HalfLine Scrnsht 2


And the trailer:

So if Thomas Kole ever gets around to Half-Line 2 (or even 3!), make sure to come back to Hardcore Gamer.