Sony Announces September 2015 PlayStation Plus Lineup

Once again the indie scene rules PlayStation Plus, or at least bite-sized games do. Since the PlayStation 4 launched nearly two years ago, we still haven’t received a big budget game in its catalog. Next month  is looking no different as SCEA has announced their September offerings a little earlier than anticipated.

For PlayStation 4 owners, you will receive Ubisoft’s charming experiment of Grow Home, along with Cappy’s Super Time Force Ultra. For the PlayStation Vita, La Mulana will be handed out along with the cross-buy compatible Xeodrifter which launches on September 1. Teslagrad will be given out to PS3 owners alongside PS4 owners, and 2012’s reboot of Twisted Metal. There’s a large variety of games here, but we’re still missing that one game that defines the service.