Gears of War: Ultimate Edition COG Tag Guide

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’s campaign may be relatively short in comparison to most modern games today, but The Coalition knows how to hide their collectibles. For every soldier lost on the battlefield there is a COG nearby, and collecting these in the Ultimate Edition will not only unlock a thirty point achievement, but also unlock five comics to be read, shedding some light on the Gears of War universe. We have compiled a list of all 33 COG tags to be found. If you’re having trouble with our explanation, be sure to watch our video that details it even more thoroughly.

Act 1: Ashes

14 Years After E-Day

1. Right at the beginning of the game it will be at the back of the room that the Raven chopper will shake.


2. After picking up the grenades for the first time, enter the next room and hug right around the corner.


3. After the Locust cut down the door, head outside and take a left up a set of stairs. Immediately take another left to find the third COG tag in the corner.


Trial By Fire

4. This is a gimmie as Kim will point it out. After the first real battle of this chapter, the COG tag will be located behind the concrete blocks the Locust used as cover.


5. In the only building you enter in this chapter, the tag will be located just left of the exit.


Fish in a Barrel

6. When you reach a dried up fountain that can be used as cover from an onslaught of Grub Holes, look North of where you arrived and beside a pole will be number six.


Knock Knock

7. At the beginning of the chapter, head right to see two Reavers in the background. It’s at the top of the stairs to the left.



8. In the narrow hallway where Wretches are introduced as enemies for the first time, take an immediate left and number eight will be behind a display case.


9. When finding Rohan’s corpse, look to the right to see something neatly tucked in the corner.


China Shop

10. When you get control, turn around and go towards where the soldier freaked out and was killed by the Berserker. His tags are right around the corner.


11. Getting the Berserker to smash through the doors, look to the left of the final door that leads outside to see a shiny tag in the corner.


12. This one can be a bit difficult to get only because you have to avoid the Berserker while looking for it. When exiting outside, head to the upper left of the map where the final tag of this chapter will be located.



Act 2: Nightfall


13. At the beginning of the second chapter, take a look left and go down a set of stairs and over a concrete barricade. Here you will find a tag to add to your collection.


14. When running into a group of Wretches, go down the stairs and make a 180. Go all the way to the back of the alley and find a COG tag behind the dumpster.


15. When you come up to a Stranded outpost, instead of approaching the gate, swing left and around the concrete block will be what you’re looking for.


Lethal Dusk

16. After the Kryll appear and the first Grub Hole pops up, look to the left where you’ll see a hut with a propane tank. Shoot the tank and run to the hut to find a hidden tag.


17. When helping Dom cross the darkness, in the upper left of the map there will be a shiny object that needs your attention. Make sure angle the spotlight appropriately otherwise the Kryll will tear you apart.


Dark Labyrinth

18. Right before the rolling car that leads immediately to Chap’s Gas station, when exiting the building, look immediately to your right to find number 18.



Act 3: Belly of the Beast


19. After encountering glowing Wretches for the first time, find the building labeled 3 and swing around back. Head down a long pathway towards the ocean to find a lonely COG tag.



20. When the disgruntled Stranded falls through the floorboards, you’ll find your way to the right side of the room. Here the twentieth COG tag is located. Just be cautious of the unstable flooring yourself.


21. Right before riding the mine carts, go down the stairs and turn around to the right to spot another tag.


Darkest Before Dawn

22. When going down into the caves for the first time, move forward and instead of taking a left at the crossroads, head forward across a small gap. At the end will be an unfortunate soul and his tags.


23. After slipping down a slope right into a firefight, there will be a small structure up a set of stairs with the Crimson logo on the door. Instead, of going up the stairs, go to the right of them to find a pair someone dropped.


24. When you first get a glimpse of the Corpser, take an immediate right to find some ammunition and a tag next to a railing.



Act 4: A Long Road Home

Campus Grinder

25. After the first encounter, instead of approaching the gate to trigger the cutscene, go to the right of them towards a building where the tag will be behind a set of stairs that lead into a house.


Bad to Worse

26. Right at the beginning of the chapter after you come across the downed helo, move forward and look slightly to your right to see a Crimson logo on a pillar. Directly to the right of this will be what you’re looking for.


Imaginary Place

27. A tricky one as the Crimson logo is hidden behind a portrait. When you arrive at Adam Fenix’s office, destroy his desk to reveal a pair of tags.



Act 5: Desperation

Comedy of Errors

28. After Baird and Cole are surprised by a Brumak, head forward into a courtyard where the game will instruct you towards power lines. Instead of going towards the power lines, look to your left to see an open gate and past this will be ammunition and a tag.


Window Shopping

29. At the start of this chapter in the parking garage, move forward until you see a set of stairs going up. Instead of going up, go down as the next tag is on the floor below you.


Jurassic Proportions

30 When facing off against the Brumak, head to the back of the arena where the dinosaur started to find a tag behind a set of dividers.


Train Wreck

31. After defeating the Berserker, go into the previously locked door and look immediately to your left to find a neatly hidden COG tag on the floor below you.


32. After a firefight in a train car, and before going up to face the Reavers, there will be a tag in front of a set of chairs on the right side of the car.


33.The final COG tag is located after unloading the final set of cylinders. After doing so, take two lefts to find a pair of grenades and a door to open. On the other side of this door will be the last tag you need to collect.


I hope this guide helped you in collecting all 33 COG tags. Enjoy the 30-point achievement and the five in-game comics.