Just Cause 3 Competition Giving Away an Actual Island

According to a new website launched in honor of this year’s Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix will be giving away an entire island based upon an in-game contest. Yes, you read that correctly.

After signing up for the competition on JC3WinanIsland.com, players will have the chance to blow up as much stuff as possible in true Just Cause 3 fashion in order to win an island worth up to $50,000, which is surely one of the strangest prizes in video game contest history. However, this contest isn’t without its fine print and caveats, as this excerpt from the competition rules is sure to turn some heads:

All taxes and fees associated with purchasing and obtaining of Island (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, escrow, and closing costs) are the responsibility of the Winner. Sponsor does not guarantee the Island to be inhabitable, developed, or reachable by any means other than a boat.

Still, if you’re looking to own your very own floating landmass, then you could certainly go about obtaining it in much more difficult ways than playing video games.