Shovel Knight’s Plague of Shadows Update Impresses in New Trailer

Like many of you, we’re big fans of Shovel Knight here at Hardcore Gamer. Yacht Club Games’ indie sensation has been showered with praise since its launch in June of 2014, but a new trailer for the game’s first free update has given us plenty of reasons to get excited all over again. Featuring a brand new playable character in the form of Plague Knight, a member of the Order of No Quarter and a boss in the original version of Shovel Knight, the new update looks almost like a brand new game. Plague Knight’s jumping prowess and unique assortment of magical projectile make him a completely different character in comparison to Shovel Knight, and we can’t wait to see what kind of changes Yacht Club Games has made to the campaign to accommodate his bespoke abilities.

Yacht Club Games has yet to specify the release date of the Plague of Shadows update, but it will arrive free of charge. Shovel Knight will also enjoy a physical release on October 13 on Wii U, 3DS, PS4, and Xbox One.