Mighty Switch Force! Academy Now Available on Steam Early Access

WayForward has today announced that Mighty Switch Force! Academy is now available on Steam Early Access. A spin-off of the original police-themed, dimension swapping game, Academy contains new puzzles and twists on classics. Priced at $9.99, the puzzle/shooter hybrid also boasts couch co-op.

Head over here to download it and check out the complete info below:

“From the day she was born, Patricia Wagon has dreamed of becoming a police officer! And today, at Planet Land Police Academy she’ll finally have her chance to prove her mettle! The only thing standing between her and a badge are a slew of holographic challenges deviously designed by her instructor, the robotic Corporal Gendarmour. These drills will push Patty’s skills to the max as she blasts foes and outwits puzzles – all on her way to apprehending dastardly simulations of public enemy numbers 1 through 5: the Hooligan Sisters! Help Patty survive her trials and prove that she was made for this job!”