PS4 #YOLO Dynamic Theme is a Classy Reminder to Always Make Poor Decisions

There’s only one way to live life and that’s once (or twice, if you’re James Bond). The #YOLO lifestyle is perhaps the shrewdest yet, reminding you to not feel bad about poor decisions like falling off a balcony drunk, getting into a fight with a group of guys drunk, getting into a fight with a group of girls drunk, slapping somebody’s warm and buttery croissant out of their hands triggering an onslaught of punches drunk, having unprotected sex and getting an STD or unplanned pregnancy drunk, texting your ex-girlfriend drunk, or going to Coachella, because hey, you only live once, bro.

Immortalizing this creed is the latest PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme from Populus Media, YOLO DYNAMIC THEME.

Snag it for $3.49 here and watch it in all its fairly static neon glory.