Action Henk Fire-Slides to Wii U With New Trailer

How fast is too fast?  That’s an invalid question due to the basic premise being completely nonsensical.  Action Henk is always looking to go faster, racing through an endless series of time-attack levels while taking advantage of every technique at his disposal to shave as much time off his best as possible.  After a fantastic release on PC earlier this year RageSquid is bringing Action Henk to the WiiU (as well as PS3 and 4, Vita, and Xbox One), and Nintendo has released a new trailer to show off how the game is coming along.  At the moment it looks like the same game that’s on Steam, with no indication as to how the WiiU’s gamepad might be used, but even if that feature is only lightly taken advantage of (it would be perfect for the level editor) it will be great to see Action Henk tearing up the plastic track on the big screen.