Amiibo News and Clues: Possible Shovel Knight Amiibo Announced

This morning, UK retailer GAME announced through their Twitter that a Shovel Knight amiibo will be available on November 27.  I would provide a link for this specific tweet, but GAME promptly removed the tweet as well as the photo that came along with it showcasing the box art for the figure.  Fortunately, we were still able to snag the photo of the tweet, a photo of the packaging, and a few details regarding the announcement.  It’s unclear whether or not this amiibo is actually real, but the fact that GAME themselves announced it is a very high indication.  This announcement could very well be an employee from GAME’s marketing team having jumped the gun about the announcement and considering that Yacht Club Games is releasing a physical copy of Shovel Knight on October 13, it’s possible that the WiiU and 3DS versions might have amiibo compatibility.

Check out what the leaked box art for Shovel Knight below: