Destiny Update 2.0 Hard Drive Space Requirements Revealed

Bungie has revealed the amount of space Destiny Update 2.0 will take up on your console’s HDD. Revealed on Bungie’s latest weekly update, the large update will require quite a bit of space when it launches on September 8.

PS4 and Xbox One users will need to clear about 18GB of space for the update. Bungie recommends that you turn on automatic updates to ensure you’re ready to play as soon as possible.

As for last-gen, PS3 users are going need about 20GB for the download and installation. Once the install is complete, you’ll only need about 10GB. Xbox 360 owners are the lucky ones only having to sacrifice 10GB of space.

Destiny Update 2.0 marks the beginning of Destiny Year 2. The update prepares the game for Destiny: The Taken King, and changes the balance of nearly every weapon. Destiny Update 2.0 is required to continue playing Destiny whether or not you plan on buying The Taken King. That $40 expansion is out September 15, a week after Update 2.0 goes live.