Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Gets a New Trailer

If you didn’t already think that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was adorable, (and shame on you if you didn’t), then this trailer will have you feeling otherwise.  The newly released trailer for the upcoming Animal Crossing game shows just what it is you do as a home designer.

You are given a job at Tom Nook’s store, Nook’s Homes, where you are given clients who want their houses to be designed a certain way.  No matter what the demand, you are given the task of designing not only the interior of your client’s house, but the exterior of the house as well as what’s in the yard.  These are all things that couldn’t be done in any previous Animal Crossing game, making it one of the most exciting installments.  That, and the fact that you are closer friends with Isabelle, makes it a must play game.

Check out the new trailer below: