Knock Knock Coming to PS4 September 10

What sounds like a Goosebumps story is actually the new, and strange, horror game from developers Ice-Pick Lodge.  Avoiding the regular cliches of horror games, Ice-Pick Lodge decided to go the creepier route with their game Knock Knock, using snippets from strange audio files and .zip files that the company received in a strange email from an unknown source.  From the main character’s (The Lodger) incomprehensible speech, the strange setting of a cabin in the woods, and the Guests that visit The Lodger’s home to play a weird game of hide-and-seek, the game is built up one one thing and one thing only- – how creepy can it be?  You can encounter your doppelganger staring back at you, cleaver wielding zombies and just about anything that The Lodger is afraid of to keep him from staying in the cabin, for whatever reason.

Now, the question is, will you be able to stay awake and stay sane until dawn strikes?  Already available on Steam for $9.99 USD, Knock Knock will be available on PS4 September 10.

Check out the trailer for Knock Knock below: