Feast Your Eyes on Nine Full Minutes of Below

Stop what you’re doing. There are nine full minutes of Below available now for your consumption. GameSpot managed to get a quick demo of Capybara Games’ upcoming rogue-like, a game that we’ve been dying to see more of since its reveal at Microsoft E3 2013 press conference.

The video looks like it’s probably from a pretty early part of the game since the player doesn’t have much more to contend with than the local glowing rat population, but you can get an idea for how the basic mechanics work and spy a little bit of that crafting action—because it’s 2015 and of course every game needs crafting. After the minimalistic trailers of yore, it’s almost weird seeing UI elements on the screen and bare text.

Personally, I came away from the gameplay video a little underwhelmed, but I’d guess the past two years of hype and choice of this basic, early area have something to do with it. Hopefully we’ll get another look at it soon before it releases on PC and Xbox One sometime this year.