GameStop has an Exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider Poster for Some Reason

Even posters get trailers nowadays, folks. That’s right: GameStop has nabbed an exclusive poster for Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider, and there’s a trailer for it. For the poster. A trailer. Yes.

There is a series of four other posters that Microsoft commissioned for the game, but the only place to get this fifth poster is from GameStop. Pre-order from them and you’ll get the poster when you pick up the game, not before, so all you people out there hoping to get the poster and then cancel your pre-orders, too bad. Instead, you’ll need to pick up the game, walk out to your car, leave the poster there, then walk back in and return the game for full price. Take that.

The trailer for this poster (yes, we’re at this point) gives some behind-the-scenes design philosophy with artist Frank Kozik, who you might recognize from such works as as The Offspring’s “Americana” album art—actually, OK, that’s pretty awesome. Touché, GameStop.