Xbox One Elite Bundle Coming this November

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new console bundle coming just in time for the holiday season. This November, Microsoft will release the Xbox One Elite bundle, and it comes packed with quite a few goodies.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle is being billed by the company as the ultimate game experience. Unlike traditional Xbox Ones, the Elite version comes with a 1TB Solid State Hybride Drive as opposed to an ordinary HDD. SSHD stores frequently used files on a solid state partition and optimizes console performance. According to Microsoft, the addition of the SSHD will allow players to get into the action up to 20% faster from power-save mode. The Elite bundle will also come with the brand new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, the perfect accessory for competitive gamers.

Players can pick up the Xbox One Elite Bundle starting November 3 in the U.S. for $499. This bundle is exclusive to GameStop and the Microsoft Store.