Aqua Blue PS Vita Coming to the U.S. this November

Sony is bringing a brand new PS Vita color to the U.S. this November. Anyone looking for a PS Vita system can pick up the Aqua Blue variant exclusively from GameStop starting this November.

This Aqua Blue PS Vita retails for $199.99 and is available for pre-order now. This is the first time the 2000 “Slim” model has been available in a color other than black in the United States.

The fact that Sony is releasing a new PS Vita variant in the U.S. is interesting, especially after reading their fiscal year 2015 report. PS Vita was mysteriously absent throughout the report, only being mentioned twice. Both times were about writing it off. Still, while the PS Vita lacks AAA support, the platform is a haven for indie titles. The handheld is home to more than 1,000 games, and sports the unique ability to stream most PS4 games from a PS4 via Remote Play. Sony recently launched PlayStation Now on the platform, and is consistently working with indie developers on bringing more games to the platform. While this Aqua Blue PS Vita may not change the handheld’s fortunes, it will give consumers a lot of bang for their buck.