Splatoon Update Going into Effect Tonight, Fixes Stage Layouts and More

Kids and squids are all about Splatoon nowadays, it’s fun and easy to play. With all the hardcore Inklings duking it out, the team at Nintendo noticed a few mishaps that have now been addressed. There is an update that will automatically fix a few problems once you fire up the game.

Two stages have been modified to give you a better chance of recovery. Arowana Mall’s layout has been altered to keep squids alive when it comes to certain spots. There’s now less likely of a chance you’ll fall over the edge when swimming and that’ll keep you in the game longer to splat some foes. Over at Camp Triggerfish, it’s a bit of a similar situation. During Splat Zones and Turf War, enemies will have a tougher time being allowed to just jump right over to your territory. They’ll have to take the long way leaving you with more ink on the ground.

In other updates, camera angles have been changed for Roller type weapons when lifting them for a striking attack. A modification to the Splash Wall benefits the other team, they’ll no longer get hurt if you throw bombs at them from behind their own barrier.

There have also been changes to the amount of points rewarded to teams during Ranked Mode battles. It concerns the Tower Control mode when scores are so close, there will no longer be tie games. There will also be a fix for other point problems. Nintendo also announced it has adjusted the game to make for a better playing experience. We’ll have to wait and see what that means. This isn’t the first time Splatoon has received an update and it won’t be the long, it’s nice to see Nintendo taking care of these small errors.

The maintenance will take place from 5:50 PM until 7:00 PM PT, making online play temporarily unavailable to play. Be sure to download the updated version to keep on splatting.