Deus Ex: Human Revolution may become Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Anticipation for the sequel, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, might be running high, but there are many fans who want to replay the original. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a fantastic game, and may get a new life on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

A fan asked the Deus Ex team on Twitter if they were considering making Human Revolution a backwards compatible title. Their answer? They’re working on it, and hope to have good news soon.

Backwards compatibility for Xbox One was announced at E3 2015 to massive cheers from fans. Since the backwards compatibility is achieved through software emulation, Xbox 360 games need to be tinkered with to work properly on Xbox One. So far, the list of games is small, but will continue to expand before the functionality launches. For now, you can vote on the games you want to be backwards compatible. Deus Ex: Human Revolution currently sits at 12,030 votes.

Xbox One backwards compatibility will launch this holiday season with the next big Xbox One firmware update. In addition to backwards compatibility, the update will add Windows 10 functionality to Xbox One, and feature a completely redesigned interface.