Finnish Tower-Defense Game ‘A.R.M.’ Out September 10

Developed by Finnish indie studio Kraftix Games, the enthusiastically named Alien Robot Monsters (A.R.M.) is a sci-fi tower-defense game that offers players a means of going on the offense.

Aside from having a variety of different upgrade-able towers with specific uses, A.R.M. also features the ability to deploy troops at the invading hordes. There are different types of soldiers and they can be deployed in platoons to dynamically assault your would-be invaders. Of course, as a tower-defense game, A.R.M. sports a technology tree for tower and unit upgrade paths, as well as progressively more intimidating enemies. Some higher-level foes can instantly kill your deployed soldiers, so at least the game seems balanced.

The game goes with a 16-bit aesthetic, an orchestral soundtrack, and 37 levels, including 6 bonus challenge levels. See below for the game’s trailer. Alien Robot Monsters will be available September 10 on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android for $6.50 (5.99 EUR), with a deluxe edition for $8.75 (7.99 EUR).