Sometimes it’s Fun to do the Wrong Thing in King’s Quest

It hasn’t been long since the first part of Sierra’s episodic reboot of King’s Quest was released. This adventure, starring Graham as a budding adventure, has enjoyed acclaim for its The Princess Bride influenced narrative as well as the voice work of Christopher Lloyd and Wallace Shawn. Not one to rest on their laurels, a teaser has been released for Episode 2: Rubble Without A Cause.

This episode will feature Graham in his later years, after he has become king. He has left his adventuring days behind, and is now settling into the ins and outs of ruling. This doesn’t work out too well as the entire town is kidnapped by goblins and sequestered underground. It will be up to Graham (and the player) to save the town and the day.

Kings Quest 1
There is currently no firm release date for the second episode beyond “soon.” The focus of this small team is to make sure it is perfect before it is released, lovingly, to the sky. It is safe to say that 2015 will not close without its release, but the team hopes to get it done sooner.

Also, for those still playing through the first part, Sierra has asked me to pass along a message: “sometimes it’s fun to do the wrong thing.” I concur. How else would one get to experience the majesty of being murdered by goats dressed as unicorns?

Check out the recently released teaser below: