id Debuts New id Tech 6 Engine for Doom

We’ve all been excited for Doom to release ever since we saw the gameplay footage for it at E3 this year.  Now, the common graphics junkie can really be excited for Doom with id’s new engine id Tech 6.  This engine really allows Doom fans to appreciate the graphics, shadows and lighting that this new installment will have and the effect that it will have on the in game environment.  You never really know the impact that graphics have until you begin to compare id Tech 6 to id’s previous titles, like Rage and its motionless shadows and textures.  They have an impact on the way you experience a game and according to id, id Tech 6 is “a physically based rendering… this is actually an entirely different rendering engine from the one that we showed at Quakecon last year”.

Hopefully, this new engine can rectify the previous visual issues that the development team has had and make the Doom name known again.

Doom will release sometime in 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.