Grandia II: Anniversary Edition Update Adds 60fps Battles and More

Grandia II: Anniversary Edition dropped on Steam last month, and since then, developer GungHo has been hard at work with further improvements. Patch 1.03 just arrived and with it comes big improvements.

First and foremost on the list is a frame rate upgrade for battles from 30fps to 60fps. GungHo warns that the change is “more taxing” on your system, so if you run into any problems, try turning the setting back down. As well, 4K and Ultra Wide resolutions are now supported, there are new graphical and audio settings to play with, new camera control options and more.

Check out the full changelog below, or grab the newly updated game from Steam now.

Update 1.03

New Video Settings
– 60FPS Battles On/Off toggle
– Shadows On/Off toggle
– Pause App on Focus Loss On/Off toggle
– 4K & Ultra Wide resolutions added
– Custom resolution support added (type any resolution in the drop down box)

New Audio Settings
– Music Volume added
– Speech Volume added
– SFX Volume added
– Ambience Volume added
– Footsteps Volume added
– New Default Volume Mix updated

– Analog Camera On/Off toggle (disable for a temp fix for Xbox One controllers on Windows 10)
– Analog Movement On/Off toggle

Bug Fixes
– Fixed two memory leaks
– Fixed crash when Roan talks to NPC in Liligue City
– Fixed delayed from occurring at the end of moves/magic that play videos
– Fixed ground clipping on Millenia’s Fallen Wings move
– Fixed an issue that prevented the game from loading on a fresh install do to a missing Config & ini file

– Added Version Number to Main Launcher Window