Marble Madness Styled ‘Dexterity Ball 3D’ Rolls onto Steam Greenlight

Marble Madness was one heck of a good physics-based platformer when it first launched in 1984. Every so often a developer comes along and attempts to revitalize the ball platformer formula — the latest is CovertEngine with Dexterity Ball 3D.

Dexterity Ball 3D is a physics-based platformer/puzzler where you’re looking to collect all gems on a stage in the shortest timespan. Of course, that’s a bit difficult when rolling too fast may propel you off platforms. Included in the game are a speedrun mode, endurance mode, and local/online multiplayer to see who can collect the most gems.

If you’re curious, Dexterity Ball 3D is already in the top 100 list for Steam Greenlight. They probably just need a few more upvotes to attain greenlit status.