Play This Cute and Peculiar Mighty No. 9 Browser Game

Though crowd-funded platformer Mighty No. 9 is not out until next year, there is now a cute little Japanese HTML5 browser game featuring the game’s characters that’s playable for free.

It’s called “Mighty No. 9: Go For It! Beck!”. Granted, there really isn’t much to it – you literally just jump. The Mighty No. 9 browser game is a boss rush and you play as Mighty No. 9’s main character Beck. Each boss has their own life bar and a specific attack that Beck must jump to avoid. Beck will automatically fire at them, so it’s about timing mouse clicks to jump and avoid the boss’ attacks. You can either jump once or double-jump, that’s it. Beck can only take a total of three hits for the entirety of the game, then it’s game over.

For a quick Mighty No. 9-themed diversion, you can play the game here. People connecting to the site from the West may experience some long load times though.

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