Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil Expansion Hits Xbox One Today

With two million players on the Xbox One alone, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment must is doing something right with Neverwinter. This free-to-play MMORPG is certainly enticing quite a few players to explore its depths and lay waste to monsters. The game is truly massive, and there is always something to do. Not satisfied with this, Cryptic and Perfect World are unleashing the largest expansion for any game ever to the Xbox One version.

While the expansion is titled Elemental Evil, it actually encompasses four new end game campaigns across eight new zones, including the open world player versus player zone of Icewind Dale. With these comes PVE and PVP focused quests to keep the task oriented players happy, as well as the free form adventuring that can be found for those who just like to explore.

Neverwinter Elemental Evil 1
For those versed in Dungeons & Dragons lore, they have not forgotten you. King Malabog and Valindra Shadowmantle will make appearances as dungeon bosses. Players will be able to team up with Minsc & Boo while battling The Cults of Elemental Evil. Sharandar and Dread Ring will also be available for adventuring through.

In addition to the new areas to plunder and enemies to surmount, a new playable class has been added: the Oathbound Paladin. This new playable class will have two paragon paths, Oath of Devotion and Oath of Protection.

Neverwinter Elemental Evil 2

During my brief time playing this class, I had a great amount of fun acting as the tank. I will admit to not being very good at it, though, since I didn’t quite know all of how the character’s powers would behave. Still, the real time combat was still present and accounted for. Players will not be able to press their face against an enemy and roll through their powers. The combat rewards paying attention and moving out of danger areas. Proper timing of certain powers is tantamount to surviving the onslaught of the huge enemies found in the new dungeons.

Other features of this expansion include an increased level cap, making seventy the max. There has also been a level increase for professions. Those who make use of companions should know that the quality cap for these godsends has also been raised. They can now be raised to legendary status.

Neverwinter Elemental Evil 3
The best news about this release is that it remains free. No changes have been made to the pricing structure of this free-to-play game. If you have an XBox Live Gold account, you still don’t have to pay a thing for any of this content. This commitment to their fan base is superlative and seems to be reaping dividends in both gamer goodwill and folks willing to pony up for cosmetic items and experience point boosts.

For those that do not want to pay, the game is just as fun. Even before this expansion hit, there were numerous quests to under take, tons of dungeons to crawl, and many a foe to fireball. This expansion simply adds an incredible amount more to do, making a good thing better. For fans of the game, go make sure this is downloading right now. If you haven’t played before, there is no better time than right now.