SMITE Now Available on Steam

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has put their game, SMITE, on Steam for PC.

SMITE is one of the world’s biggest free MOBAs with ten million active players, but up until now, it was only available on Xbox One and PC through a proprietary system. One of the cofounders of Hi-Rez Studios said that Steam has become a haven for free-to-play games, and that putting SMITE on the platform will allow more (about 125 million more) people to get their hands on the mythological MOBA.

The game will work with the original servers that the people at Hi-Rez used to support players, but will now also integrate with Steam servers so that people can play with each other no matter which platform they are using. Also, as a gesture of welcome, Steam will be selling the Ultimate Gods edition of the game for twenty dollars from now until the 13th, which is a considerable deal.

So if you have a PC and just did not want to download the proprietary platform just so you could play SMITE, then now is your chance to fight like a god. And if you’re on Xbox One, you can also try it out, as it is the first MOBA to arrive on the console.