Beating N++ Isn’t Even Half the Game

Fans of the insane platformer of death will get a kick at what’s up developer Metanet’s sleeve. N++ is a great game, one we enjoyed very much, but beating the main part of the game doesn’t even mean you played half of it.

The game came out back in July but if you’ve been playing enough you may have noticed strange strings of letters and numbers at the bottom of the screen. Don’t be alarmed, you didn’t break anything, you’ve actually just discovered the beginning of something secret. You may not know it but you triggered the beginning of the rest of the game. Some folks have already found ways to reach it but we won’t spoil it all for you.

By completing levels in certain ways, you’ll start to find ways into secret locations. There are hidden levels designed as remixes and reinterpretations of previous levels. It presents a certain challenge to players and serves a reward for getting so far. This sort of mystery makes N++ a game that can be played for ages.

See if you can figure out the clues in the images below: