Stranger of Sword City Xbox One Version Announced

The CEO of Experience In., Hajime Chikami, talked of not only one, but two Xbox One exclusive RPGs that will be released as a worldwide launch.  While one of the titles is a still a little too far off to discuss, he did announce a game called Stranger of Sword City.  The game was originally released for PC, PS Vita, and Xbox 360 but will come to the Xbox One as a completely new game with a completely new art style.  If the new style isn’t for you, you will be given the opportunity to switch back to the original graphics.  It’s scheduled for somewhere in between January all the way through March 2016.

The game itself is a dungeon crawling RPG that received a lot of praise, (four reviewers giving it 8/9/8/7), in Japan from the original Japanese publication Famitsu.

Below is some artwork for the upcoming game, (original on the left and new design on the right):