Is Fox the Right Movie Studio to Produce Video Game Adaptions?

This rise of video game adaptations and their looming takeover of our local cinemas is patiently waiting to descend upon us. Nintendo has announced that they are interested in talk of forming their own cinematic universe similar to the likes of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The question is whether it will be worthwhile or if we’re simply entering into an new cinematic age of poorly made adaptations, as we are all aware that in the past they tend not to do so well.

Nintendo hasn’t made a feature film centered around one of their iconic characters sense 1993’s Live-Action Super Mario Bros.’ disaster, although Donkey Kong made an appearance in the equally merciless film Pixels. It’s unclear who the big N will be partnering with, but Capcom will be teaming up with 20th Century Fox to take the reigns of their intellectual properties; well at least Mega Man for now. 20th Century has announced that they have a Mega Man movie currently floating its way through the Hollywood pipeline as they are anticipating the upcoming ascendancy of big name video game characters flooding into the medium.

Although, it makes one wonder why Capcom chose to team with 20th Century Fox out of all the potential studios to work with; not only was the original Hitman movie a bust, but the recent reboot of the franchise — Hitman: Agent 47 — was just as bad if not worse. Not to mention the meager box office results those two films pulled in and the various amount of creative differences the studio is notorious for, which is perfectly displayed with their recently meager attempt to reboot Fantastic Four. The company’s management of the X-Men and the Planet of the Apes reboots did astonishingly well, however. Maybe Fox just doesn’t know how to handle video game adaptions or draw from already existent source material.

Although the studio is also handling the upcoming Assassins Creed movie, Ubisoft Motion Pictures retains full creative control over their project so 20th Century wont be able to squander the creative process of the film at all securing its proper adaptation of the games universe. Nevertheless, the same cannot be said for the Mega Man adaptation; in hindsight, the company might have had a better chance at creating a proper and respectable adaptation of one of their characters with Netflix.

Positioning Mega Man in a feature length movie is indisputably a smart move by Capcom to help jump-start the game-to-movie industry, which is slowly starting to finally gain some traction now compared to previous years. As the success of that move relies squarely on the performance of the production company that will be overseeing the film, is Fox really the company that should be handling a project like this?