Retro VGS Indiegogo Campaign Begins

The Retro VGS console has been in the works for quite some time now. Its promise of delivering cart-based modern-gaming has been a controversial one, especially when the expected price was announced. Today, the IndieGogo campaign for the game began. A Kickstarter was expected, but they opted to go with an Indie Gogo due to some stipulations in the Kickstarter contract.

For $10, you can send them a bit of money and have it count as credit towards a future console purchase. $25 gets you a controller, while $300 alongside $40 in shipping get you a black console alongside a digital subscription to RETRO Video Game Magazine. For $350 not counting shipping, you can get a personalized console and your choice of a color. $400 gets you a bronze system, $424 nets you a silver one, $450 gets you a gold one, and $500 gets you an elite backer system and the earliest shipping.