Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Now Available on PS4 and PC

Fans of anime series and video game Afro Samurai will happy to hear that the first volume of the second installment is now available to download on PS4 and PC.  Following the ever popular episodic genre, the first volume of the game is one of three story arcs that will include different characters and and combat styles.  The episodes will also include soundtracks of the game featuring both new artists and Afro Samurai soundtrack veteran RZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

Previously developed by Namco Bandai, Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma is developed by Redacted Studios and published by independent game publisher Versus Evil.  Dave Robinson, President and Lead Producer on the game is quoted to have said, ‘Having worked on the original Afro Samurai video game, I am thrilled that we were able to collaborate with the same creative team once again to bring this vision to life. Having original creator Takashi Okasaki, music director RZA as well as some of the original acting talent, like Phil Lamar involved has been a blessing and we’ve been humbled by their commitment to this franchise.  It’s been a labour of love for all involved and we really think that fans world-wide will truly appreciate and love where we have taken this story.’

While the game has been released for PC and PS4 for now, expect an Xbox One version to be coming on October 9 via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program.  You can pick up a bundle of all three volumes for $34.99 USD on PC and $44.99 USD on PS4, ($31.49 USD if you are a Playstation Plus member).

Check out some screenshots for the game below: