Harebrained Schemes Launches Kickstarter for BattleTech

When creating the perfect “shut up and take my money” scenario, it would be tougher to put together a more enticing pitch than the recently launched BattleTech Kickstarter. Harebrained Schemes has just put this campaign up, and it is extremely enticing. Jordan Weisman, the original series creator, will be teaming up with Mike McCain, the creative director of the recent Shadowrun PC titles. This project is a labor of love, with a campaign timeline that was hand chosen by Mr. Weisman.

“Returning to classic BattleTech, particularly the 3025 Succession Wars Era, feels like coming home,” said Weisman. “I’m really happy to join with Kickstarter Backers to create an authentic BattleTech PC game with detailed tactical turn-based ‘Mech combat and a chance to experience an epic game setting that’s endured for over 30 years.”

What they are working to create is a classic RPG game using the unrivaled tabletop system for hot metal on metal action. Players will be able to engage in extensive mech customization in addition to enjoying a rich, well planned “in canon” story about the wars between the houses of the Inner Sphere. From what the developer shared directly with us, we have reason to be excited.

To ensure continuity between the continuing table top series and this new game, Harebrained Schemes is working closely with the current publisher of the board games and novels, Catalyst Game Labs. They will also be teaming with Piranha Games, of  Mechwarrior Online fame, to create the best mech models available.

For those worried about getting burned in the Kickstarter racket, Harebrained Schemes have proven their ability to deliver. Shadowrun Returns was Kickstarter backed and earned rave reviews. The same service was utilized for Shadowrun: Hong Kong. They have also used crowd funding to launch the award winning table top game Golem Arcana. The point is, they have the chops.

As far as their plan for the money, the studio will be funding the base game on their own. This game will be completed. The crowdfunding campaign is to push development further, adding more features and expanding the game. If it is not obvious, I am extremely excited to get my hands on this one. Were it not for pesky things like “ethics,” “transparency” and “journalistic integrity,” I would be throwing a sweaty, disconcertingly sticky wad of bills at this one right now. Alas, I must abstain. Other greedy fans won’t have the same limitations and should take a look for themselves.