Iron Banner and Trials Of Osiris Return To Destiny This Month

When The Taken King launched, Bungie said that the two big Crucible (PvP) game modes would be taking a break so that players could focus on the new content. Now that the expansion has been out for a couple of weeks, though, it’s time to bring it back. Iron Banner starts up on October 13th, and Trials on the 16th.

Trials of Osiris is the weekend-ly hardcore PvP matchup for Destiny where you and two teammates go head to head with another team of 3 in a fight to the death. The best part of the Trials, though, is the loot. And while the armor from Trials has not changed aesthetically, it has all been boosted to the Year 2 Light level. The guns, however, are all new. There is one of each type of weapon, and then an “adept” version of each that gives the gun an elemental bonus. The new gear looks great, and if you are really good at PvP, this gear set is something to chase.


Next up is Iron Banner, or Iron Banana as the kids call it. This is a monthly event that lasts a week and has players race to Rank 5 so that they can buy the best armor and weapons from Lord Saladin. To get the Rank 5, playing each day and winning are the keys. Consistent wins will rank you up the fastest, and the gear available then is all new, and totally awesome.

There are a bunch of new guns that have names attached to them, like Finnala’s Peril, the new hand cannon. If you’re into Destiny lore, you know that Iron Banner weapons usually have a bit of story behind them, and the new weapons pretty much all have names.

The armor for Iron Banner is probably the freshest (and coolest) designs that Bungie has ever made for the game. As you can see below, the Hunter cloak in a wolf skin and the Titan helmet looks like some sort of empirical knight’s helm. If you look closely, the Warlock bond is the iconic wolf of the Banner made out of wispy green light.


So if you’ve been missing Trials and the Banana, it’s back and it is better than ever, because there is new stuff to collect, and that’s always great. And remember, Trials of Osiris lasts from Friday to Monday every week, and Iron Banner is a monthly event that lasts one whole week, which, of course, means Tuesday to Tuesday in Bungie-land.