New Sword Art Online Game Scheduled for Release Next Year

Earlier today at Dengeki Bunko Fall Fest 2015, Bandai Namco announced that they have a new Sword Art Online game in the works. This new title, dubbed “Hollow Realization,” is set for a PS4 and PS Vita debut sometime next year. The game will reportedly follow Kirito back to a restored Aincrad, with a brand new heroine making a debut. Moreover, a special edition “Aincrad Model” PS4 will release this coming November 19 when Sword Art Online: Game Director’s Edition releases in Japan.

Below is a trailer for the new game. While it may be interesting, we’re not particularly excited about it due to the bad taste Hollow Fragment left in our mouths. Let’s face it: Hollow Fragment/Re: Hollow Fragment was a pretty miserable game. Nevertheless, the series is popular and thus it makes sense for Bandai Namco to milk it for all its worth. It’s just too bad the games are nowhere near the caliber of the show–not that the show is even all that great. (We’re more .hack and Log Horizon fans, personally.)

Regardless, stay tuned for more information about Hollow Realization as it comes down the pipe.