Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen for October 3

Another day of amazing new pictures of works in progress and the promise they bring means it must be Screenshot Saturday again.  Standard disclaimers apply- no promise as to the quality of the games being shown, and the pictures chosen are based on how well they pop out from the crowd.  There are a huge number of amazing games in development at any one time, and the screenshot Saturday tag gives developers a chance to show off what they’ve been up to this week.  This is only a tiny selection of posts, with hundreds more showing off far more than there’s possibly space to mention.  Also, don’t forget to click on the blue arrows to get the full effect of the animated .gifs, because they tend to be awfully nice to see when they get moving.

Mimpi Dreams-  An adorable and weird platformer that, while information is scarce, seems to be taking place in the strange dreams of a cute little white dog.  The trailer found on the game’s web site is weird but utterly charming.

Unknown-  If there’s information available about this game I can’t find it on the developer’s site or in their Twitter feed.  The brutalist architecture of the city and its neon dream-state makes for some attention-grabbing screenshots, though.  I’m looking forward to finding out what it is the player actually gets to do in this place.

Astroneer-  This is the second time Astroneer has shown up in this feature, but look at the lighting on that .gif!  The space-adventure about surviving and setting up a base on a desolate alien planet (The Martian can’t have all the fun) is looking better each week as it gets more polish and features.

Rive-  Based on the one-level demo I got to preview back in April, this is going to be an epic platform-shooter of pure destructive carnage.  You’re a little spider-walker tank in a big space ship, blasting through most enemy ‘bots while leaving the occasional one alive so you can hack it for its unique ability.  Huge anticipation for this one.

Unnamed prototype-  As the tweet says, this is little more than a prototype, but it looks like there’s a lot of potential for some nice fly & shoot around heavily armed planets.

Aaero- Musical shooter.  Grind down the blue line with the left stick, target and shoot the other ships with the right stick, and stay alive to build the song bit by bit with each successful section of track.  Seeing as nobody else is playing with or expanding on the Rez formula it seems only fair that Mad Fellows gets a crack at it.

Drunk on Nectar-  A third-person RTS where you control insects to pollinate fields of plants, claim territory, and cause flowers to bloom.  Why yes, that does sound both beautiful and fun.

Pavilion-  An exploration/puzzle game with very pretty art.  Head on over to its Greenlight page and give it a nudge to completion.

Jetpack Squad- 2D side-scrolling shooter filled with vibrant art, weird and colorful enemies, and lots of explosions.  Everything is better with explosions.

Desolus- You get to play with a mini-black hole, absorbing tiny stars as you explore the landscape and use the abilities they give you to solve the challenges and progress through the levels.  Check out the video for a better explanation of how it all fits together, or just look at how pretty that screenshot is.

Neon Drive- 80s-style driving game for iOS, not to be confused with Power Drive 2000.  The aesthetics are similar but this is more about obstacle-dodging than time trial racing.  It’s got some very nice art design populating its levels.

Outskirts- A little bit Gyruss, a little bit Ikaruga.  Outskirts is a bullet-hell shooter where you change to one of three colors to absorb shots while avoiding the other two types, blasting your way to wherever it is a ship on a tube ends up traveling to.  It’s still very early, but have a video for a better sense of how it all fits together.

Bonus image!

I have absolutely no clue, but now you’ve seen it too.