Serellan’s Tactical Sci-fi Shooter EPSILON Now Up on Early Access

You may know developer Serellan if you played their first endeavor Takendown: Red Saber. While that particular game was not very good, it would seem that the studio has learned from that first release and have applied that knowledge to their forthcoming shooter EPSILON. EPSILON is essentially a sci-fi version of the old Rainbow Six games, where pre-planning and squad-based orders play integral roles to the shooting mechanics.

EPSILON has garnered some attention in the FPS community due to its throwback game design, unique visuals, and seeming solid shooting trappings. The game actually released on Early Access a few days ago (and is only ten percent complete according to Serellan–thus it’s in pre-alpha), and was even given a new trailer to get people interested. Not only does the trailer highlight some of the more interesting components of the game, but it shows off how much the developer from their Red Saber debacle. Despite being so early on its its development, EPSILON is looking really good.

Better yet, the game is only $7.99 on Steam right now; and if you backed Takedown on Kickstarter, you get a free copy of EPSILON. Nevertheless, the aforesaid trailer is below, so take a peek for yourself.