Shovel Knight Has Some New Retail Updates

There’s been some tumult with the release of Shovel Knight’s physical release later this year that includes new release dates, new retail prices, and even new console changes.  The physical copy of Shovel Knight will now be priced at $24.99 instead of the original $19.99 due to complaints that some retailers had about the limited space to actually store the game.  Alongside this, the game will also no longer be released for Xbox One.  Surprised?  So are we.  Due to some publishing complications, Yacht Club Games couldn’t obtain the rights to have a physical edition of the game but are still selling and updating the digital copy of the game on the Xbox Marketplace.

However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as a digital soundtrack is being bundled with the game as an alternative to ‘paying what you want’ to obtain it through the bandcamp website.  The release date has also changed to November 3 in North America and October 30 in Europe.  With all of this, we’ll finally be able to get our hands on a physical copy of Shovel Knight to add to the ever growing collection of physical indie games.

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