Han, Leia, Palpatine Announced for Star Wars Battlefront

In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, Jamie Keen, the Lead Hero Designer the new Battlefront, revealed three new heroes/villains that will appear in the game.

Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palpatine will take to the battlefield (er, front) when the game launches on November 17th. Each character will have a unique set of abilities and play style that will give the player a definite upper hand on the battler– battlefront.

First off, Han Solo will focus on himself, as he does in the movies, as he uses his quick firing blaster pistol to mow down enemy lines. His ability, Rapid Fire, will negate the overheating of his blaster for a short time. For as many times as you pull the trigger, General Solo will shoot his blaster and stormtroopers will fall. Another one of Solo’s abilities is the Lucky Shot. With this one, players will hold the trigger, build up power, and then release for a powerful shot that deals significant damage on vehicles and villains. And finally, there’s Shoulder Charge. Remember that scene where Han goes running in to a huddled group of stormtroopers? It’s kind of like that. This will allow Solo to get into and out of situations quickly and efficiently, as he does.

Han Solo

With Princess Leia, Keen recognized the difficulty in creating abilities for a character who does not really have a preferred weapon. With that in mind, Keen and the team focussed on Leia’s leadership skills for inspiration. This makes Leia a support hero, with abilities to buff teammates and to hold the ground as needed. In that vain, Leia’s first ability is Trooper Bane. Leia was always the best shot (Han just got lucky), so with Trooper Bane, Leia can shoot her blaster in bursts that will take a stormtrooper down immediately if you are accurate. She can also use an Enhanced Squad Shield, which is just like the power up, but cannot be taken down by Force abilities, and Leia can shoot out of it. This combined with Trooper Bane could be incredibly powerful when holding a position. Leia’s final power is called Supply Drop. This will drop a plethora of power ups for the rebel troops, and even some extra health packs for your fellow heroes.

Leia Organa

And finally, the infamous Emperor Palpatine. As the newest addition to the villain roster, the Emperor is the first that is considerably more support-oriented. His first ability is Force Lightning, which can take out troops quickly and easily. There is also an upgraded version of this called Chain Lightning, which is an area of effect attack rather than a focussed one. The Dark Lord’s second ability is Force Dash. Much like Han’s Shoulder Charge, but much more frightening, Palpatine will move more slowly than other heroes or villains until he uses Force Dash, and will rush into battle with incredible speed. And because he is the support villain, and because he is the Emperor wit all his Imperial connections, Palpatine will be able to use the ability called Imperial Resources, which is just like Leia’s Supply Drop.

Sheev Palpatine

The hero/villain roster is growing, and the decision to choose which to play as is getting harder and harder. Star Wars Battlefront will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17.