Doko Roko Hits Kickstarter, Greenlight, Eye Sockets With Pixel-Art Goodness

The tower is a self-contained civilization, a little world filled with creatures both friendly and vicious.  It rises up through the clouds and dominates the landscape below, a self contained Sim City-style arcology waiting to be explored, filled with lore and combat in equal measure.  Or at least that’s the plan, with plenty of amazing pixel art and animations to back it up.  Doko Roko hit both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight yesterday and it’s looking absolutely lovely.  You play as a little cloaked guy who could be the most badass Jawa ever, not so much wielding a sword as (psychically?) swinging it around.  The video below gives a rough sense of the look and feel of the game, starting with the hunched and exhausted figure staggering towards the tower across a field straight out of a Hayao Miyazaki anime.  He apparently meets some helpful people because it doesn’t take long before he’s swinging a giant sword around, batting away projectiles and firing lasers from his face.  It’s a beautiful and intriguing introduction to a game that looks like it should be as action-packed as it is well animated.  Head on over to the Steam Greenlight (over here) and Kickstarter page (all the way over there) for more details.  Doko Roko is estimated at two years off, but it’s already looking like it could become something special even at this early stage of development.