Idea Factory Announces Trillion: God of Destruction for the West, More to Come

Idea Factory International has been teasing some localization announcements for some time now. While today’s unveiling was originally thought to be one of the reported two games that they had planned to reveal in December, word on the street is that today’s confirmation of Trillion: God of Destruction coming to the West is in fact not part of the two mystery games set to be shown off in the month after next. Just the same, Trillion’s reveal today was met with applause as the title has garnered a bit of a fanbase in the wake of its July 23 release just this past summer in Japan.

Trillion: God of Destruction, known as “Makai Shin Trillion” in the East, is an SRPG with the gimmick of players squaring off against a huge boss creature that has 1,000,000,000,000 hit points. There’s also a bit of a dating sim thrown into the mix for good measure of course. With developer Compile Heart at the helm, folks can pretty much get a decent image in their mind of what to expect from the whole thing, as the gameplay footage out there from the Japanese release is, well, decidedly Compile Heart.

A website for the game has gone up, so interested parties can take a gander at that here. As of now, the game is set for a spring 2016 release window (exclusively for the Vita), though nothing more specific has been nailed down quite yet. For more information about what to fully expect from the title, feast your eyes on the gameplay video below.