It’s Official: Sony is Done Developing for the PS Vita

Sony has officially confirmed that they are no longer developing first-party titles for the PS Vita. All development resources have been moved to the PS4.

It’s been a long, hard road for the PS Vita. Initially, it looked like the PS Vita could have been a strong competitor to the Nintendo 3DS thanks to a price on par with Nintendo’s latest consoles ($250 at launch), and a stellar design. However, Sony quickly tarnished this golden opportunity with ridiculously expensive proprietary memory cards and a lack of games. Earlier this year we learned that the PS Vita would not be part of the companies Fiscal Year 2015 strategy, and now we know why. Sony is done with the handheld.

“Currently, first party studios have no titles in development for PS Vita. Since third parties are working very hard on PS Vita, SCE’s own strategy is to focus on PS4, which is a new platform,” Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President Masayasu Ito told 4Gamer (translated by Dualshockers).

Ito-san explains what went wrong with the PS Vita; it didn’t resonate with younger demographics. From here on out, PS Vita development will be left up to third-party developers. Sony’s only contribution to “help” the PS Vita is to release new colors this holiday season.

Despite Sony’s lack of interest, the PS Vita is still a solid handheld thanks to its solid design and vast library of Indie games. Japanese developers are unlikely to drop development for the PS Vita, as the handheld continues to sell well in the region.