Limited Run Games’ First Release Goes Live Thursday Morning

Limited Run Games popped up out of nowhere early this month, promising to do exactly what their name states and do limited physical printings of games that would otherwise remain digital-only.  Because the company is an offshoot of Mighty Rabbit Studios, that means the first two releases are from this studio as a way to show other developers what they’re capable of.  Breach & Clear on the Vita is the first game on the list, and orders for it open Thursday, October 29, at 11:30AM on the shiny new Limited Run Games web site.  While that’s still 1.5 days away at the time of this writing, the site is fully functional for anyone wanting to set up a user profile and beat the potential rush.

Breach & Clear only has a print run of 1500, and Limited Run Games has been spending the weeks since the initial announcement working the Twitters.  Folowers ≠ Sales, of course, but customer awareness and a thriving collector market can very easily lead to a quick sell-out.  Vita collectors, fans of the game, physical game collectors, and of course those who can’t resist the siren call of shiny new physical gaming can all add up to an enthusiastic reaction that quickly depletes supply.  Or maybe 1500 is enough to take care of the market and it will remain available for a week or two before supplies disappear.  It’s honestly hard to tell which way sales will go right now, but if you’re looking for a new game to rack on your shelf, now is probably better than later to get the process started.  Insta-sell-out or not, the fan response is going to make for interesting results.

(The original version of this article got the date wrong.  Calendars are hard.  All those numbers and days of the week, it’s like they should teach you this stuff in grade school or something.)