Four Reasons Not to Buy Fallout 4 at Launch

We’re all excited for the arrival of what will possibly be the year’s biggest title, Fallout 4. It’s going to dominate headlines for months, maybe even years. There’s nothing that will keep us from gluing our butts to the couch in order to enjoy nonstop Fallout fun. There may be a few things, however, that will keep you from gluing yourself so soon. Every game comes with its issues and these four just might prevent folks from playing Fallout 4, at least when it launches.


new vegas
It’s well-known Bethesda games have been plagued with glitches and bugs so it should be expected Fallout 4 will have its fair share of problems when released. They may make for silly and entertaining GIFs, but bring down the quality of experience. Fallout 3 had areas of the game that could only be fixed via DLC and New Vegas had bugs swarming all over the place. We’re hoping Fallout 4 won’t have these problems, but giving the game a few weeks to a month should allow Bethesda to release any bug-squashing, glitch-fixing patches.


nuka cola
This is sort of a toss-up. While it may be well-worth the bottle caps, it might not be within everyone’s range. At $59.99, it’s average for the usual blockbuster title, but the timing couldn’t be worse. With the holidays right around the corner, vault dwellers around the world will have to scrape by if they’re going to buy the game as well as presents for others. If you’re in a pinch, try searching for any holiday deals. The only other option would be waiting for a price drop, but that could take awhile. You can always take a seat on Santa’s lap and just whisper sweet “Fallout 4” in his ear. He’ll give you the hook-up.

New Editions

You know there’s going to be some pretty kick-ass DLC coming to Fallout 4, but it won’t be for a few months. Plus, with such an open-world and new features to play around with, we may be waiting even longer for DLC. You’ll end up paying for each individual pack, whatever it (the price) may be. If you’re even physically able to hold out on Fallout 4, though, you might as well wait for some kind of all-in-one deal. Master Edition and Game of the Year Editions of the game will appear on the market, but it’ll take some time. At least with these you won’t be paying more and more for the game. Wait for special editions or content bundles and the entire game, DLC included, comes with it.


This point won’t effect everyone all at once, but buying the game for PC and Xbox One allows players to play with fan-made mods. Fans often come up with their own fantastic storylines for games and let others check them out. It’s a great way to keep replaying the game, but it wouldn’t be available as soon as the game is released. It’ll take some time for creators to come up with content and fiddle with all the new features, develop their stories and implement graphic overhauls. Plus, it’s not been determined if players will have to pay for different modifications. Bethesda started testing the waters with Skyrim, but negative reactions caused them to pull back. Mods are a great way to get more for your money, but until those mods are created, there’s not as much incentive for dedicated mod-players to check it out yet. Of course, there’s plenty to do without them in the time being.

Let’s face it, you’re going to buy Fallout 4 regardless of this list. It’ll be available November 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC and will basically be the only game you need for years. We’re expecting many fans to call out of work for the remainder of the month. Good luck, have fun and hopefully you won’t be running into many problems.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Sorry nothing can convince me to not get this game next week, already have my sick plans laid out hehehe.

  • Adam Armstrong

    One reason to get Fallout 4 at launch: Pip Boy Edition.

  • Horrorstorm

    Can’t even holster your weapons. And it’s supposed to be a next gen game…

    • OKManNoOne .

      sadly bugs gonna be annoing :/ still hope for best…

    • Lostbytes

      want to walk around with out a gun…..UNEQUIP IT (basically holstering it) so what f it takes a few button clicks.

    • Drew

      What do you mean you can’t holster your weapons? Just hold down R.

  • VenomSnake421

    There’s no reason not to buy it at launch to me, 400+ hours, thats well worth the price.

  • Chuck Green

    If ANYONE ever deserves full price for their games it is Bethesda! Every game they have ever made has been awesome.

  • Kfal Balli

    They have been working on this a while. I think there will be some bugs but it should be solid.