Wizard of Legend Trailer Debut Shows a Magic Combo-Based Dungeon Brawler

Wizard of Legend popped up on Steam Greenlight today with  a trailer showing off its fast-paced magical fighting action.  The basic premise is that you’re a combat wizard, quick and agile, brawling your way through a procedural dungeon while customizing your magic-based combos with the spells you find on the way.  Each wizard can have up to six abilities, with multiple characters to choose from specializing in different types of magic.  Run through dungeons either alone or with a friend and lay waste to everything in your path, avoiding traps and cracking open every bit of furniture for the potential goodies inside.  Honestly, it’s not exactly revolutionary game design but the speed of combat and fantastic pixel-art spells set Wizard of Legend apart, really selling what looks to be an incredibly fun iteration of the latest entry into a well-populated genre.  Head on over to Greenlight and give it a look and, if it catches your attention, a positive vote, because there’s always room for a fast-paced spell-slinging dungeon brawler in the world.