Street Fighter Unlimited #2 Comic Covers Revealed

A comic title to encompass characters from all different Street Fighter games and eras, Street Fighter Unlimited‘s second issue is up for pre-order now.

This latest issue is penned by writer Ken Siu-chong and features art from Joe Ng. On top of that, it will feature a four-page bonus story illustrated by artist Jeffrey “Chambra” Cruz. The main story of Unlimited #2 follows Guile and his friends as they track down Street Fighter III’s Gill and his Secret Society; leading to a confrontation with the boxer Balrog. Meanwhile, the bonus story will feature Necro, who first appeared in Street Fighter III, and his girlfriend Effie.

The different variant covers for the upcoming issue include two standard covers: the Story cover (CVR A) by Gonzalo “Genzoman” Ordonez Arias, and the Ultra Jam variant (CVR B) by Chambra, which is part of a twelve-part connecting image. There are also two rarer retailer incentive covers: the Homage variant (CVR C), by Edwin Huang, which has wraparound artwork meant to pay tribute to a 1990’s classic comic cover, and a Street Fighter V variant by Steven “Kandoken” Mack, featuring M. Bison.

We have the four variant covers for your viewing pleasure below. Street Fighter Unlimited #2 is due out January next year.