Insane New Monster Hunter X Trailer Released

The third Monster Hunter X trailer has just been released and it’s just as epic as the last two. The video features awesome acrobatics, sick weapon skills and some epic new monsters.

Many of the classic monsters like the Rathalos, will be making their come back in a big way by throwing some fancy new moves into the mix. There will also be a slew new monsters with some interesting new status effects that will be sure to shake things up.

One of the changes I liked in particular was to the gunlance, I feel like this weapon has needed a lot of love in recent Monster Hunter iterations and it looks as though it’s finally getting it’s just due. The new ability to close the gap between the player and the monster – via a very stylish fire stream jet propulsion, is going to be a badass breath of fresh air into this weapon class.

Monster Hunter X is slated to release in Japan on November 28th. Considering how well Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate did in the US, hopefully we will get an NA release date within the near future.