Five Future Locations for Fallout 5

Everybody is making a big fuss over Fallout 4. Game of the year contender, perfect scores across the board, great, whatever. That’s all find and dandy, but what’s next? What will we want once everyone’s so sick and tired of Fallout 4? That’s right, the next installment of the series, another sequel in for the series in Fallout 5. Boston has some cool locations to check out; it’s the only place in the world you can see Fenway Park and is rooted deep within our country’s history. So, where can this adventure stop next? We won’t delve into all the what-ifs and other technical aspects of what could happen, just a fun list of five cities we’re hoping gets some consideration for the next game in the franchise.

New York City

Obviously, the first one the list has to be New York City. The hustle and bustle of The Big Apple back in the early 20th Century is a prime setting for Fallout 5. Of course the fantastic landmarks that have existed in Manhattan since around 1950 can make for some epic adventures. You’ve got the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and so many more. Fallout wouldn’t be the great game it is if there weren’t explosions, rubble and crumbled buildings everywhere. Some of these historic locations will of course be blown to bits, but there’s plenty to choose from. You could even swim over to the Statue of Liberty if the water isn’t full of radiation. Better stock up on Rad-X if you plan on visiting Ellis Island as well. Regardless of which buildings and landmarks would be accessible, New York City could serve as Fallout’s largest game. Its map could encompass the entire island of Manhattan with its surrounding areas being part of downloadable content. Just don’t cross the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, that place was polluted before all the nuclear explosions, who knows what’ll happen after the bombs were dropped.

San Francisco

san francisco
Going back to the West is a good place to re-start the series. Fallout began in the California desert and bringing it back to the same state could be a nice form of nostalgia. San Francisco is home to a number of iconic landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge, Candlestick Park, Coit Tower and Lombard Street. Players could even hop on a cable car if it isn’t crammed with Super Mutants. Of course Alcatraz would have to be included. The secluded prison could make for a grand quest. The prisoners living there would have turned into Ghouls or even Feral Ghouls since they’re stuck on the rock since the war began. San Francisco is known for suffering from many violent earthquakes, so making that part of the game could be interesting. Perhaps nuclear explosions have disturbed the Earth’s crust so much it delivers constant earthquakes and aftershocks affecting life in the post-apocalyptic San Fran. Maybe it’ll reveal huge deposits of gold in the crevices of Earth; not that it’s worth anything since everybody uses bottle caps as currency. If following the storyline isn’t fun enough, go take a break in Alamo Square and enjoy a picnic with Danny Tanner and the rest of Full House, or at least a mutated version of the family.


Some may be surprised at this choice, but there’s plenty of reasons to choose Seattle, Washington as a logical setting for Fallout 5. Seattle hosted the 1962 World’s Fair which can serve as a backdrop for the plotline. Since the Space Needle was revealed in time for the fair, it’d be the focus of the story. The post-apocalyptic world will lack in electricity much like it does fresh water in Fallout 3. Luckily, the Space Needle is home to several lightning rods, the only problem is getting it to storm. There will probably be plenty of Glowing ones to avoid. However that plan pans out, we’ll see, but it has great potential. The outskirts of the city has some interesting locations including Pugent Sound and Olympic National Park where players can try and reach the peak of Mt. Olympus or walk a bit further to Mt. Rainier, the highest point in the state which happens to be a volcano. One of the highlights of having Seattle for Fallout 5 is its close proximity to Canada. As the Fallout lore goes, Canada was annexed by the United States, this game would be able to delve more into that relationship and aspects of the story in its entirety. There could be room to travel there and then up to Alaska, but who wants to set foot in America’s attic? It’s outdated, dusty and cold.


If we’re going to delve into more patriotism for Fallout 5, look no further than the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. The entire power and men in charge of our young nation sat in the historic Independence Hall. The Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed in this city during the Second Continental Congress. Philadelphia was the second colony to declare its statehood and is steeped in history. Fallout fans know how important a role the United States’ past served in previous titles. It’s also prominently featured in Fallout 4 since Boston is another truly American city. For Fallout 5, the story could be supported by such iconic landmarks as the Liberty Bell, Christ Church, Philadelphia Zoo, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There are so many locations for Philadelphia to become the next home for any Vault Dweller. With Philadelphia right along the Delaware River, you can act like Washington and cross it while shooting down Mirelurks along the way.


This city can bring a entire new world to the Fallout series. Having the game take place in Beijing, China will bring with it the entire other side of the story. We know tensions have been high between China and the U.S., so this will give us a look into the build-up of the war. The country invaded Alaska in search of oil which can be played in Operation Anchorage, but that’s just a small scale glimpse into the mission compared to what could happen in Beijing. Years later, the United States invaded China but which direction would Fallout 5 lean toward? Players may assume the role of an American invading China or a Chinese soldier taking over Alaska. Not only would the city of Beijing contribute to the story as a whole, visiting various locales in its post-apocalyptic environment would be amazing. It’s one of several worldwide cities still prominently featuring its ancient cultural roots. Players could explore the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and it’s not entirely too far from the Great Wall of China. There are so many cultural, zoological and environmental differences between China and what we’re used to in the U.S. from pre-existing Fallout games, that Beijing will offer us an entirely new set of enemies, resources and dangers to experience. But they should definitely keep Deathclaws; no matter how ferocious they are, it wouldn’t be Fallout with them.

No matter where Fallout 5 takes us, if it’ll even exist, we’ll wonder where our next adventure will be until it’s officially announced. There are so many cities, countries, states and provinces where the game can take place. These five suggestions are a personal opinion and if you’d like to give yours, comment in the section below. Just don’t get too upset with these if they aren’t realistic enough; Fallout has gone to space before.

  • 오렌지

    I’m definitely interested in playing a game outside of North America. On the North American front, either New York or San Francisco

  • stephen

    this game is nowhere near a perfect score and very over rated at the moment. I believe game of the year was realised in may, but with that being said, i would love a game in another country instead of the us

  • Zeffen Thurow

    What if the Nuclear Bombs turned Alaska into

  • Ethan Thomas

    How about Merritt Island? It’s about 5-6 miles from cocoa beach. You have Kennedy space center, Patrick air force base, it’s not too far from Orlando, which is home to Disney world, Universal,(etc.) Not to mention it’s a large city for exploration, and then you’d have the whole beach line to roam and conquer, LOTS of water quests…. or practically ANYWHERE in Florida! Miami, Tampa, The Florida keys, St. Augustine, The panhandle, The everglades–(not likely that one, though,) Either way, I think that Florida would also be better geographically for the series, fallout 3, top left of the U.S., The Mojave, bottom left area, and now Boston, sitting at the top right of the country, so, I think it would just make more sense to continue the cycle… But, then again that’s just my opinion.

    • Jake

      Hey, yea, Florida sounds great. Pretty different location from the rest of the series. It’s more tropical. Bet they have mutated manatees. And space center sounds pretty fun.

  • Professor Potato

    how about chernobyl?

  • TeddyBearYoshi

    China is gone. There is no China, so it couldn’t take place in Beijing, because the whole country is basically wiped off the face of the planet.

    • WCM

      Actually we admittedly have no ideal what china is like.
      And in lore Bejing was most likely being taken by US forces when the bombs fell.

      We also have no ideal if China have a “Vault” System.
      And it’s not like we have not seen a city that was nuked before. Actually to make a note in real life, most nuclear bomb sights would be flush and green again after 200 years.

  • Ian Watt

    I would like somewhere in the midwest at some point, like St. Lewis Missouri, or Chicago or something like that.

  • Cleb Farris

    Why not Vermont, everyones so focused on these big cities that you leave out places that are more rural. Most of the importand structures in VT are made of Granite or concrete so they have a good chance of surviving. Plus a great many of the structures of VT date back before 1947, when the Fallout timeline and ours diverge.

  • Chris Shafer

    Fallout 5 should be in Detroit. They are discussing drivable vechicles for this. So why not the motor city? Alot of gangs and drugs in detroit set up perfect for raider gang areas and other gang areas. Plus all the huge buildings. The Comerica Park. Ford Feild. Joe Louis arena. The neighborhoods. Perfect location. And then DLC worlds in Ann Arbor or the capitol Lansing. Or even Chicago

  • Enacio

    Why not a LA setting ?? It’s the biggest city in America behind new york and not far from Vegas. I think It would make sense for it to go further west to show how California got destroyed by the war. Hollywood sign in ruins, beaches polluted with radiation and etc. I could imagine lol

    • Justin Brown

      LA is the Boneyards form Fallout 1.

  • Red

    Id think a before and after the war would be awesome. Before the war your an army officer and your unit invades china and you fight for awhile doing quests, then china nukes america and vise versa, then you return with what remains of your unit to take over and lead america battling for supremacy and rule by either democracy or military dictatorship. Could train soldiers, build vehicles from salvage and build bases/outposts. Its alot but could be well worth it. Modders would have a blast

  • Seth Thompson

    china or the dixie wasteland would be awesome

  • andrew6166

    please be new york. please. please. please. I have never gone to the us, would love to explore the wasteland. Most exciting thing I can imagine is going to the statue of liberty. so many possible events could happen. most probably the brotherhood will either control it or take it over. I always side with the brotherhood.

  • Anthony Holman

    Probably wouldn’t put new tapes to close and creates narrater difference that’s why new Vegas is Nevada fallout 3 is Maine and fallout 4 is Boston so I would guess it would probably be in the southern states

    • Norah

      Dude, Fallout 3 was in D.C.

    • Mike Dymski

      fallout 3 was not maine lol

  • Koray Sallar

    San Francisco would be cool I think

  • Mike Dymski

    I would like Fallout UK

  • Ben Redenbaugh

    Cant be New York, it was obliterated. Think of the Glowing Sea but the entire map is irradiated.

  • Kevy

    Enough with N-E big cities for now.. we had D.C. and Boston.. not another one already..
    I loved Fallout NV because it was different from D.C. and Boston was different from NV .. I’d love something different.. Southern or northern borders could have lots of stories has people tried to flee! Maybe Seattle/Vancouver or El Paso, Houston would be nice!

  • Rob Cox

    how about in British Columbia along that rout to Alaska

  • Black

    I would love to see Fallout 5 in San Francisco, especially after mentioning the part involving the prison. Imagining the scene, the player would be walking through the spooky semi-dark hallways of the so-thought abandoned prison, which has the dark reputation of mysterious disappearance of people there – even hard survivors – trying to find a piece of clue of whatever the story is about. It’d be amazing if Bethesda integrated thriller or some-what psychological horror ONLY in that part, that way it’d definitely be a memorable experience.