Poltergus Lands on Greenlight and Kickstarter With the Best Trailer

Ghosts are troublesome but they do make for good tv.  Gus is a dog who used to do a reality show about tracking down spooky frauds, unmasking the perpetrators during the finale of every episode, until his team accidentally found something that wasn’t a fake and, worse, brought ghosts over into the world.  He’s still got a reality show but, now that ghosts are real, its focus has shifted to tracking down the spirits that haven’t settled in to their new afterlife.  Gus and his co-host Nancy, the ghost of a brilliant girl detective, now help the spectral undead settle down while keeping ratings high, all set to a classic adventure-game style that switches between third and first-person views while also maintaining the structure of a reality tv show.

Poltergus showed up on Greenlight and also Kickstarter today, looking for votes and funding necessary to bring its world to life.  The trailer below shows off a game that’s confident in its style, and already impressively funny.  The trailer focuses on atmosphere and dialogue, with a bit of world-building for good measure, although it doesn’t touch on any puzzles.  It also shows off the switch between third and first person views, plus cutting away for explanatory character asides.  The game is designed to work with both regular screens and be fully playable in VR, and hopefully the viewpoint changes will be integrated in a way to avoid headset whiplash, but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good about wanting to play Poltergus on whatever screen it ends up on.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page and check it out.